1943 to today

1943   Founding of the company Eckelshausen by Heinrich Schäfer, partner in the company BOLENZ & SCHÄFER GmbH, Dortmund (BSD). The main product is clutches for drive technology
1952   Development and production of hydraulic components and piston accumulators
1956   Serial production of hydraulic piston accumulators
1967   Supply of accumulators for high-voltage circuit breakers
1981   Beginning of globalization; certification according to ASME (U-stamp)
1989   Roth Industries acquires Bolenz & Schäfer
1994   System supplier in the area of railway hydraulics for energy-autonomous, radio-controlled hydraulic systems
2011   Bladder accumulators added to the product range
2013   Diaphragm accumulators added to the product range

2014   Establishment of  BSD Hydraulic Technology (Taicang), now Roth Hydraulics (Taicang), China

2016   Foundation of Roth Hydraulics NA, USA

2016   Name change: Bolenz & Schäfer becomes Roth Hydraulics