Bladder accumulator

Roth bladder accumulators - efficient & innovative

The Roth Hydraulics bladder accumulators have a flexible bladder that separates the gas and fluid chambers. The bladder is embedded in a pressure chamber filled with the operating medium. Roth bladder accumulators consist of a seamlessly forged pressure hull, a flexible bladder with a vulcanised gas connection and a connection on the fluid side.  The Roth Hydraulics range covers a variety of bladder accumulator types, with a wide variety of fluid connections and bladder materials.


Volumenes:                         1 l ... 57 l
max. operating pressure:       up to 420 bar
Service temperature:            -32°C ... +120°C
Bladder materials:                  NBR, TT NBR, ECO, special materials on request
Housing materials:                 Carbon steel, low-temperature steel
Coatings:                                 Primer, offshore prime coat, plastic coatings